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Operating Assistent The Netherlands

Functie Operating Assistant (enfermeiro/enfermeira especialista médico-cirurgico or instrumentista) THE NETHERLANDSomschrijving Operating Assistent The Netherlands

For several hospitals in The Netherlands we're looking for either part-time or full-time qualified nurses (f/m)
Introduction of function profile for Operating Assistant
As an operating assistant you offer a doctor or surgeon a helping hand when performing an operation. You prepare the operation, carry out tasks independently during the operation and you take care of the operation instruments.
The Operating Assistant function in brief
As an operating assistant, you are part of an operating team in which everyone has their own tasks. During surgery, the surgeon or doctor is the coordinator of the team. As an operating assistant you are responsible for the surgical instruments before, during and after the operation. For example, you prepare the instruments before surgery, give them to the doctor or surgeon during the operation and continuously monitor the sterility of the instruments. In addition, you help the doctor or surgeon with small actions during the operation.

Functie eisen Operating Assistent The Netherlands

The work of an Operating Assistant
You are responsible for the preparation of the operation and you ensure that the doctor or surgeon operates in the best possible conditions. During the operation you can fill in three different functions: instrumenting, walking around and assisting. Instrumentation means making the instruments ready for use and giving the right instruments to the doctor or surgeon. In the function of walking around you give extra material to the sterile team. The assistant surgical assistant helps the doctor or surgeon to attach with the operation, among other things.

The requirements and competences
An operating Assistant must be able to work accurately. You also need to be analytical and transparent. Because an operation can sometimes take a long time, endurance is very important. Operations can be stressful, you also have to deal with that.
You will hold a relevant qualification with at least 1 year of experience in a relevant environment. You will be comfortable working in a complex, technical environment and be unflappable in stressful situations. You will be versatile and able to think and act on your feet. Finally, you will be a good fit wih some required core values: warm, restorative, cooperative.
The ideal candidate will be an ambitious medical professional with an innovative mindset, excellent social skills and a patient-focused attitude. Being able to speak English is a must.


Professional Experience

1-3 years of recent full-time experience in a mid- to large sized acute-care hospital

Working in The Netherlands as a nurse anesthetist:
Our country is a member of the EU and therefore EU regulations are leading. It is necessary to proove that your diploma is equal with the diploma ‘Operatie Assistent’ in the Netherlands. To equalize your diploma a copy of the following documents are required:
  1. the diploma operating assistant including results of the examination
  2. employer's certificate and testimonials
What we're offering
For several hospitals we're looking for either part-time or full-time workers. Payscales will depend on the role, your age and experience, with all terms of employment in line with the Dutch Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) for hospitals.


Sacha Goossens
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